Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Non exhaustive list; if your question is not answered here, contact us!

All players must be able to care for themselves (see Q2), understand how to use the equipment safely, follow instructions and rules of play on the day.

The scenarios we roll with may have multiple requirements, or parameters for participants to complete as a team, this would require attentive listening and the ability to focus on multiple tasks/objectives at any given time; we are not a day care facility!

This means taking (and or giving) Event-based and reasonable scenario orders, under higher-than-normal stress levels and challenges, and to be able to show maturity and good conduct at all times.

So we recommend players be of at least high-school age for the majority of our Events, to receive the greatest team-based experience possible from them.

 We may offer supervised "Mini-Rage" Events (which are designed for younger players to attend) where we have a higher ratio of staff to participants, a simple game-style and or we offer the Event at a more controlled/limited site.

We require each participant to be able to move freely and independently over an extended period, while being able to avoid collisions, natural hazards and not lose their balance or footings/trip over and cause self-harm or harm to others present.

The minimal physical requirements of the Event will include;
- Walking, Running, Crouching, Standing, Crawling and Carrying weighted items
- No prior injuries that may affect any of the above

All participants must be able to carry and use correctly any equipment onsite that is issued to them individually, as a team or for general use in the Event.  Our website lists the weights of the simulated 'weapons' we issue under the Hardware page.

While most participants are so wrapped up in the experience, they don't notice fatigue until the end or next day, we recommend that all new players pace themselves on their first Event.

All players must have enough energy reserves PRIOR to the Event, to be able to attend and perform the activity according to its requirements (they may also bring their own high-energy snacks); do not skip meals unless under directions of medical professionals - and IF doing so you are required to ADVISE US prior!

All players are required to bring their own water bottles to the Events, we may offer water bottles to Members (participants who have attended more than 2 games, on separate dates).  Water on-site is typically available, or provided by us if using bush-land locations.

This is due to using muscle groups that are likely not normally used in everyday exercise.
Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is a fitness/exercise reality, and participants will experience the tightening and repair of any muscles used at the Event a day or two later.

NOTE: Only go as hard as you want to (or can) - often the action will come to you, or you will see it and be able to fire on enemy from a reasonable distance.

Each participant MUST:

- Have signed a participant waiver form.
- Have agreed to collection of information and photography in the Event
These are a once off requirement and enables Membership option (after a set number of games and Admin approval).

- Be fit, energetic and able to participate with no prior injuries (see Q2 for more)
- Participants are required to arrive on time (or 10 minutes early)
- Contact us directly if running late or not attending, PRIOR to the start time.

- Be healthy
- Have no communicable disease or sickness
- Have no prior injuries that may affect their abilities to participate.

Each participant MUST bring and wear:
- Enclosed sturdy shoes
- Full length pants
- T-Shirt (or similar)
- Full length shirt (removable to cool down)
- BYO water bottle (or issued one)

Every participant must respect the rules of play, other attendees, the public and follow both instructions and game-play orders.
- Instructions from STAFF are both for the safety and enjoyment of all participants at the Event.
- Game-Play Orders from participants who 'hold rank' (acting as your team leader) should be followed as best as possible without causing harm to yourself or other players.
- The public should never fear your participation; do not point 'weapons' at the public!  If asked anything, point them to the nearest STAFF or ADMIN officer.

We remove participants who don't meet these requirements and they are typically banned them from all future Events.

We offer new player training for our Events.  It is only recognised by ourselves and perhaps associated partners (typically other businesses and organisations running with fragtag hardware)

This is a kind of boot camp / indoctrination to the safety and game rules, equipment and grounds use.

Our instructors have years of experience accommodating and training participants and will be doing our very best to ensure that each player gets a chance to ask questions and have any doubts or concerns settled prior to the action.

 However, we can't answer questions ... that are not asked!

As you return to our Events, you may be exposed to skills, strategies and tactics that our members have picked up along the way.  The experience we offer is modeled off of actual military training and experiences, however what works in the Event may or may not work in real life and vice versa.  

We try our best to deliver a challenging Event, using many concepts and terms from many different sources, including ones from various real world military units and some fictional aspects.  If you are confused at any time, ask a team member with more experience than yourself, your team leader, or staff for advice.

Your team leader will most likely be a very experienced player and will be both looking out for their team (you included) and attempting to take/hold the objective; if they ask you to hold; HOLD your position, if they ask you to advance; ADVANCE!  Leave the discussions till later unless you there is a danger unseen by them!

 Our advanced Events will include full military-style briefings, realistic objectives and players who are keen to immerse themselves into the simulation.  Strap in and be a part of the experience to the best of your ability; the more you play, the more you will pick up the skills, experiences and tactics that you can add to your own enjoyment in the Event.

We are NOT a military/para-military training facility, nor do we purport or desire to be one; if you desire actual military experience and training, you could sign up with the Australian Defence Force. This is NEITHER an endorsement or a recommendation, it is just a weblink.
We DO cater for military-enthusiasts and/or former military personnel, as this is my passion and it is always good to be around like-minded people; NO we don't actively recruit anyone - see this link instead.
We are always open to suggestions on missions, operations, tactics, strategies and even business tips to help improve the experiences for all attending - we even enjoy stepping into the simulation ourselves occasionally!

We issue 'weapons' (inert sci-fi themed laser taggers and devices) based on experience and skill demonstrated in the Events.

All players will be issued the standard weapons on their first Event.
Admin or Staff may opt to allow new players to use heavier equipment or upgraded equipment based on assumed or demonstrated ability and or mission/attendance requirements.

We allow leadership opportunities to those whom Staff and Admin feel have demonstrated the most consistently right attitude and who follow orders to the best of their ability in the battle.

Staff will usually stay near a new leader to assist in their learning curve and often, experienced players will opt to take a Trooper role (grunt level) or '2IC' (second in command) on the team and enjoy the battle instead of always leading it - this is your chance to try out the leadership role, with someone nearby to ask questions, if you are unsure or need confirmation of tactics.

While we will don't guarantee progression, we do encourage team work and allow participants opportunity to assess each other in different roles over multiple Events. Brand new players are not often given the chance to be on a small specialist or assault team, so if it is offered, know that you are being quasi-assessed by them and admin to see if you can primarily: follow orders and secondarily: compliment the team as it operates within the mission scenario or script (ie as required).

Our Enlisted Rank structure go as follows:

  expendables in a Section <- as a new player, this is YOU! (sometimes carries the Gun) 

  carries the Gun (rank is not formally recognised, but the important role IS)

3) LANCE CORPORAL: (single chevron)
  aka Section 2IC (assists the 'Secco' and or directs the Section Gunner)

4) CORPORAL: (double chevron)
  aka Section commander aka 'Secco' (directs the Section ie up to 8 others)

  does engineer/techy/explodey stuff (usually accompanies a section)

6) SERGEANT: (triple chevron)
  directs the 3x Engineers in an optional SUPPORT Squad, or carries Heavy Weapons themselves

7) SPECIALIST: (single star)
sneaky stuff - specific side missions not always known to those below Lieutenant level

8) LIEUTENANT: (two stars)
  assists the Captain and directs the 3x Sections

9) CAPTAIN: (triple stars)
  commands the entire Force in battle, answers only to the Admin/Staff

A Force Commander leads:
- 1 x Lieutenant
- 2 x Specialists
- 1 x Support Squad (1 x Sergeant + 3 x Engineers)
- 3 x Sections (of 8 ppl inc a Heavy Gun)

That makes for a Force presence of up to 32 personnel!
We run with THREE separate Forces in our simulations.
- Meaning that we could potentially run with 96 players in a single simulation battle!

  ... AND we are adding a FOURTH guerrilla force to the mix shortly!

- Invite them along to the next open Event (one with training at the start)
- Post images* or video* from the Event online.
- Share stories about your experiences with others.

* We do allow personal photographs and video in the Event, BUT:
- We will not accept any liability for damages or losses to personal equipment by accident or deliberate use/misuse.
- We will ask you to not film or photograph participants in the case of emergency care/response required - this is for their privacy, as if there is an emergency or first aid care required, the Event is put on hold.

 If there is any reason that you did not enjoy your experience with us, we kindly request that you let us know so we can give your concern the attention it deserves and an opportunity for us to correct or meet your need at the time it occurs, at the Event.

Safety is our biggest concern and it should be for every attendee at our Events.
 While our simulation means that we are trying to eliminate our enemy, we wish no actual harm towards anyone!

While we do our best to ensure all participants are as safe as reasonably possible at our Events, the reality is that we can not prEvent injury or harm coming to anyone, especially from that which is outside of our direct control or supervision.

Our policy is similar to that in any workplace;
1)  We have a duty of care for each other.
2)  Identify risks, eliminate/reduce/manage, monitor and review.
3)  We take all issues seriously, acting safely and promptly for any emergency.

If there is any emergency, the simulation stops immediately and we will be providing initial first aid for those in need, followed by calling for further medical assistance if required or if unsure if it is needed.

 The staff running our Events are all current and up to date with their first aid certification and the owners are experienced Emergency Services and First Aid responders.

 To find out more, visit our OTHER business: First Aid Trained.

We are rolling out new technology not seen in Australia before, with features (in software and hardware) that rely on multiple levels of connectivity and information exchange at high rates, giving a broader experience to the simulation without taking away from the focused and direct, point and shoot realistic soldier-to-soldier combat.

 As this is a family-run business (technically a micro-business) and we operate it on the love of the game, not as a profit-seeking venture (like most of the laser-skirmish businesses in existence), this means that a lot of time and labor goes into the crafting and design of new tech - and for those working behind the scenes, this is a life-long hobby and a passion.

What this means is that while we have many excellent and new plans and designs in the work, these take time to develop and deploy into the game experience - we can only go as fast as life allows us.
Being a family-orientated business; family comes first!

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