To seek out and close with the enemy,
to kill and capture them,
to seize and to hold ground
and to repel attack, day or night,
regardless of season, weather or terrain.

LazeRAGE Combat Simulations

To provide a challenging, sci-fi-military themed, outdoor experience for small groups.

The Genesis of LazeRAGE Combat Simulations

Moving Out

How it started:

After leaving the Army, I had a core desire to share the challenging small-team building experience with others, which culminated in the idea and final creation of LazeRAGE Combat Simulations in 2007.

The 'Lazer':
We utilise a customised and unique build of the most real-world emulating, technologically advanced and feature-rich, Infra-Red based, laser skirmish electronics available in Australia.

The 'RAGE':
Can you focus your rage onto a sole objective? Every challenge is more mental than physical and the only one holding you back is yourself; we supply the challenge for you to step up to and conquer through a combat experience.

The 'Combat':
Fighting in a platoon, section, squad or even alone against challenging odds and environment, where your body feels the strain and your senses are heightened to detect, track and eliminate a mobile and motivated enemy.  This is no video game, where you press keys; this takes real world effort and skill to achieve victory.

The 'Simulation':
Our experiences are grounded in military experience, with a touch of science fiction for flavouring, to deliver as close to the real world combat simulation as technically possible - while still being enjoyable by both first-time players, gamers and military enthusiasts alike.


Press Release

Getting known around town

A kind write-up to help us on our way as a local family 'micro' business.

After we designed and built our own custom weapons and equipment, we were running games through our network of local contacts.

We were steadily getting known to more and more customers via word of mouth, as our satisfied players invited their friends and family to our unique simulation. The overwhelming consensus in our customer feedback was that our equipment features and combat realism stood head and shoulders above the rest of 'pew-pew laser tag' businesses out there!

Gympie Times

Warriors at War

Warriors at War

Since 2008, we gained access to both Gympie Senior High School grounds and Monkland State Primary School, which improved their on-site security over the weekends and school holidays, at the same time passively boosting their schools fund-raising efforts amongst other benefits of partnering with us.

This article follows the GYCDU as they switched from their regular bush-land combat, to play Urban Combat at one of the local Queensland State Schools!

The combat ensued around the mulit-level school grounds buildings and walkways as the different teams fought it out for domination of the battlefield and the objectives.

Noise Magazine

School Holiday Program

Gympie Times & Noise magazine

We have held multiple council-contracted outdoor events each year, for several years in Gympie. Each of these main events was in close cooperation with the Gympie Youth and Community Development Unit (GYCDU), headed up at the time by Matt Allard.

Most of these events were held on our private, secure and safe, bush-land within the township and immersed the players into the combat theme and excitement.

Every event advertised was a sell-out! The organisers had lists of players who were on-call in case of any possible 'no-shows' on the day of the events.

Gold Rush Festival

Gympie Gold Rush Festival

Gympie Gold Rush

LazeRAGE CS has been a regular attendee at the Gympie Gold Rush Festival Parade, held annually in Gympie, Queensland, Australia.

We showcase our sign-written vehicle, equipment and laser skirmish system openly in and around the public as a part of the main parade using our very-keen volunteers and regular players to help out.

The Gold Rush Festival not only celebrates the anniversary of the gold rush in Gympie, but also unites local residents, businesses and the broader communities as we enjoy the variety and uniqueness of the Mary-Valley region.

St. Patrick's High School

St. Partick's

St. Patrick's Yr 11 EOY Event

LazeRAGE-CS worked closely with St. Patrick's High School, running their Year 11 'End of Year' team-building events, for a period of over 5 years.

The events were held around their school grounds, during their school hours. Incorporating stair wells, walk ways and multi-levels of the school grounds, it was an exciting and popular event for both the students and the staff who joined in on the fray, including the late Neil Jones (pictured right) missed by students and staff at St. Pat's.

Saint Patrick's is located in the centre of Gympie, Queensland. During our regular operations there, we had no complaints from the the local public, despite being surrounded by main roads on every side of the school grounds.


Combat Sims International - Laser-Storm

Annual National 3-Day Event

LazeRAGE-CS joint-hosted the annual laser-skirmish event, "LaserStorm" on our largest grounds (200+ acres).
The national event ran over three days continuously over a long weekend and had over 80 participants from across the nation attend.
LazeRAGE CS has attended four of these events over the years, being present to various degrees; as adminsitration support, playing 'enemy party', being extra soldiers on one force in the battle.

Our cooperation with the Brisbane based "Combat Sims International" has seen us run and participate in several "Joint Operations", stacking our equipment, training and personnel against theirs, providing a different mix to the action and enjoying the challenge of working alongside our friends/foes who carry similar tech, but different weapon specs and sensor capabilities. 

The Gympie Show

LRCS Gympie Show

L.R.C.S. at The Gympie Show

LazeRAGE CS has been active in the Gympie Show, a large regional event, where we have held outdoor stalls and indoor stalls to promote our presence in the local community and the broader region.

Displaying equipment and our laser skirmish firepower for public handling, familiarisation and use, we have been providing an alternative to the high-personal-injury risk, excessively expensive, paintball.

Back to the Future

The future's so bright; I gotta wear shades


LazeRAGE CS is intending to resume its main operations in 2023.
We are upgrading our equipment and rolling out our own new technology as it is developed - and solely operate in Gympie, QLD.

We are shifting mode to include businesses and organisations that desire to invest practical leadership and teamwork into their employees/members, wanting the opportunity to improve their cooperative and collaborative skills under simulated pressure.

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